Information For Continuing Education Providers

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Providers of Real Estate Continuing Education (CE) must receive approval prior to offering a course. The following is a general summary of requirements to offer CE courses in Colorado.

  • Providers must receive approval from the Colorado Division of Real Estate prior to offering a CE course. A one page application, timed-outline and instructor bio is required for submission. Further instructions are below.
  • Providers should allow 3-6 weeks from the submission date for application processing. Upon approval, providers will receive a letter in the mail from the Division of Real Estate. This letter includes the course approval code and expiration date. Courses will be approved for 3 years, except that of an annual or one-time seminar. The course approval code is required on all certificates distributed to students.
  • The provider is required to retain all course materials and attendance records for 4 years after the last date the course is offered and be able to furnish said records to the Real Estate Commission upon request.
  • The responsibility to administer and maintain records for CE is upon the provider, not the instructor.


  1. Visit the Colorado Division of Real Estate Broker Providers & Course Approval site located at and click on CE Approval Process
  2. Complete the “Real Estate Commission CE Course Approval Application” form and “Online Course Approval Checklist”
  3. A detailed, timed outline of the course including learning objectives for each segment as well credentials of the approved instructors are required as part of the application
  4. The Division recommends that you submit your application and course materials electronically to

Please reference CREM Rule B for more information.