The Aurora Association has many opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents.  You can  read a bit more about these opportunities below.  Committees usually meet once per month for an hour and more when hosting an event.

Affiliate Committee

The Affiliate Committee meets the third Friday of the month at 10am just after the weekly Friday Marketing Meeting.  Anyone (both Affiliate and Realtor) is welcome to attend.  Affiliates will be able to sign up for sponsorship opportunities.

Chair:  Ann Bartels


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meet on the third Wednesday of the month from 10 am-1 pm at the AAR Conference Center.

Chair of the BOD:  Terry Gist


Audit/Financial Review Committee

The Audit/Financial Review Committee meets at the request of the chair.  The committee determines the scope of the Audit or Financial Review of the Association and researches and recommends engagement of the auditing company.

Chair:  Ed Hardey


Candidate Interview Committee

Conducts interviews of candidates who are running for public office at the city and county levels and school boards.  Recommends endorsement and/or monetary support to the Board of Directors.

Chair:  John Mitchell


Governmental Affairs Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee is open to everyone to attend.  They meet just after the weekly Friday Marketing Meeting on the first Friday of the month.  This committee’s charge is to develop relationships with elected officials and educate REALTORS about the political process; to study issues that affect the real estate business, create positions on those issues for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Chair:  Aaron Ravdin


Investment Committee

Recommends to the Board of Directors investment strategies and implementation of such strategies, as approved by the Board for the management of board-designated reserves.

Chair:  Roy Lopez


Masters Club Committee

Produces the annual Masters Club Award program designed to recognize outstanding REALTOR® achievement in education, production and volunteer service.

Chair:  Joan Cox


Membership Linkage Committee

Creates programs to develop a closer link between the Association and its membership.  Assist with recruitment and retention of members; help bring increased value to members.  This group is open to either Realtor or Affiliate member to join.  They meet the 4th Monday at 1pm.

Chair:  Aubrey Davis


REALTOR® Update Meeting Speaker Committee

Selects topics of interest and contacts speakers for presentations at the weekly marketing meetings.

Chair:  Nancy Griffin


RPAC Committee

RPAC Committee should say:  RPAC stands for Realtor Political Action Committee and has committees in the Local (AAR), State (CAR) and national (NAR) levels.  This committee plans and hosts events to help raise funds that go to support or oppose political issues or candidates that affect the real estate industry.  If you like the Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction, you can thank RPAC and it’s contributors for its continued state.

Chair:  Nancy Griffin


Tech Talk Committee

Researches and develops topics for the monthly Tech Talk programs.  The committee meets on the first Wed. of every month, noon – 1 pm, at AAR

Chair:  Patty Clark

Affiliate Fair   Chair Deb Kirschbaum


Aurora After Hours  Chair Jack Moravitz


Bowling  Tournament   Chair Ann Bagwell


Holiday Luncheon  Chair Patty Clark


Inaugural Celebration and Awards Presentation    Chair Patty Clark


Membership Appreciation Week  Chair Aubrey Davis


REALTOR® Family  Picnic  Chair Tom Gould


Texas Hold’Em Tournament and Chili Cook-off   Chair Tom Gould