CAR Director Position Description

Colorado Association of REALTORS® CAR Director Position Description

CAR Directors shall be elected or appointed annually, by and from each Board, for one, two or three year terms.  The term of office of the Directors shall start immediately following their installation at the Inaugural Dinner at the annual CAR State Convention.  Each Director shall serve until their replacement has been duly elected and installed.


On or before September 1, each Board shall elect or appoint its designated number of Directors; procedures for election or appointment shall be as provided by the Bylaws or Rules and Regulations of the Board.

Each Board will certify to CAR, on or before September 1 of each year, the names of the Directors so elected or appointed in order for such new Directors to be installed during the installation banquet at the State Convention.  In the event a Board fails to certify the names of the new Directors on or before September 1, such new Directors will be installed by the Presiding officer at the next regular DIRECTOR meeting.  In such event, a vacancy or vacancies shall exist on the Board of Directors until the new DIRECTOR(s) are installed.

Boards will elect or appoint only REALTORâ Members in good standing as Directors.

If a DIRECTOR is appointed or elected to a second office or position which also carries designation as a DIRECTOR, they shall serve only as one DIRECTOR with one vote per issue and no vacancy shall be created on the Directors because a DIRECTOR serves in more than one capacity unless they resign one of their Directorships for the full term of that office.

A Director who resigns will do so for their full term of office.  In such case, the vacancy can be filled for the unexpired term by a recommended, qualified, REALTORâ Member from the Board concerned, or as otherwise provided in the CAR Bylaws.

Any Director who shall be absent from two consecutive regular meetings of the Directors shall automatically forfeit their office unless the Leadership Council waives this provision after receiving a satisfactory written explanation for said absences.

Those Officers and Directors whose terms have expired do not have the right to make motions or vote.


  1. The Directors shall have sole authority to appropriate money but should not unreasonably obligate CAR beyond its tenure of office.
  2. Set dues.
  3. Set public policy position as it pertains to the real estate industry.
  4. Establish governing policies of the Association.
  5. Approve member programs, products and services.
  6. Certify members qualifying for REALTORâ status who are not within a Member Board’s jurisdiction.
  7. Define Local Board jurisdictions
  8. Create districts (currently there are six).

A Director of the Colorado Association of REALTORS® has a dual responsibility.

They are responsible to attend ALL Directors’ meetings, to weigh all recommendations coming to the Directors and vote on those recommendations in the best interest of the Colorado Association of REALTORS®.

A Director must know the issues of importance to the Association.  Every Director of the Association should be a source of information to the Local boards and individual members concerning Association programs and policies.  By studying the packets of information made available at the Directors’ meeting and by listening to the discussion and keeping track of the decisions made, every CAR Director can be thoroughly knowledgeable about the organization and has the specific responsibility to do so.
A Director must know the issues of importance to their constituency and bring matters of their concern to the attention of the Association.  The Director is responsible to their Local Board to obtain Local Board input on all issues affecting the Colorado Association of REALTORS® prior to their making a decision on how to vote on any issue.  It is recognized that some issues will arise at a meeting and must be voted on at that moment without the opportunity for the Director to discuss the issue with their Board leadership and in such instances the Director is required to use their judgment in weighing the needs of the Association and the Local Board.
As members of the Association’s governing body, a Director’s major responsibility is to represent the entire membership of the Colorado Association of REALTORS®.  The Director has the specific responsibility to report on the activities of the Colorado Association of REALTORS® to his Local Board.  A Director should understand how the Association works and should read and know the bylaws, policies, etc.


The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for assigning proper staff personnel to take minutes at the meetings.  The function of minutes is to record the action of an organization, not the conversation of the participants in the meeting, and since all actions approved by the Board of Directors become property of the Directors, makers and seconders of motions are not recorded.  Minutes are kept in a permanent file at the CAR Offices and copies are available for the Board of Directors.

One third of the Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of CAR business.


  1. The first meeting of a season is held in October immediately following the annual State Convention meeting. At this meeting, the new leadership, installed on the final evening of the convention, begin their term as Director.
  2. The second meeting is held in April.
  3. An election of the CAR Officers and NAR Directors will take place in June of each year.

General Membership Meetings may be called by the Directors or representation of at least 50 percent of the Boards.  Any call for such meeting shall state the purpose, time and place of the meeting and shall be issued at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the date of such meeting.

NOTIFICATION:  Where notification to Members is required, the Colorado REALTORâ publication shall suffice.

At the meetings, each Director should follow the agenda, and the back-up materials as the Divisional Vice Presidents, District Vice Presidents, President and other officers make their reports.  Motions should be made in support of or opposition of the recommendations as stipulated, and any Director is entitled to the floor when recognized to discuss the pros and cons of any particular issue.




  1. WHO DO I REPRESENT- As members of the Association’s governing body, a Director’s major responsibility is to represent the entire membership of any local Association and the Colorado Association of REALTORSâ. When Directors place the welfare of the Association first, ultimately the right decision will be made.
  2. WHAT IS MY LIABILITY AS A DIRECTOR OF CAR- A well informed Board of Director seldom makes mistakes, but just in case, the Association carries errors and omissions liability insurance which provides blanket coverage to protect Directors should any litigation result from actions taken by the Board.
  3. HOW WILL I EVER KEEP UP WITH ALL THE BUSINESS OF THE ASSOCIATION- The answer is the great Association staff! You can count on them to keep you up to date and informed.
  4. HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I MAKE MY TRAVEL AND HOTEL ARRANGEMENTS- You will receive advance information on hotel accommodations. Be sure to schedule your arrival to attend the District Open Forums, the Board of Directors meeting and committee meetings of interest to you.
  5. MUST I ATTEND ALL DIRECTOR MEETINGS- Your presence is required at every meeting, for the entire meeting. As stated in the bylaws, you will automatically forfeit your office if you are absent from two consecutive meetings without a satisfactory explanation.
  6. HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR THE DIRECTOR POSITION – As a Director, you are obligated to understand the business of the Colorado Association of REALTORSâ. Being familiar with the Bylaws and other Governing Documents will be helpful.  Directors are communicated to throughout the year via email and other methods.  Director packets are provided to Directors the morning of the Directors Meeting.
  7. HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT THE CURRENT ISSUES AND THE MOST UP-TO-DATE AGENDA OF THE DIRECTOR MEETING- Be sure to attend and participate in the District Open Forums. This is vitally important to your role as a Director, as is your participation in all meetings you attend.  Share ideas, get input, ask questions.  In addition, read the weekly events sent by CAR, emails you receive and go to the CAR website at least once a week.
  8. WHERE DO I SIGN IN PRIOR TO THE START OF THE MEETINGS- Look for the registration table. Be sure to sign the sign-in sheet so you are recorded as present.
  9. ARE THE MEETINGS EASY TO FOLLOW- Usually, however, because you have an obligation to understand the business of the Board, please ask staff or the committee chairman to explain anything you don’t understand or need clarified, or interrupt the proceedings, if appropriate (see “ask for a point of information” or “raise a question of privilege” in ROBERT’S RULES.
  10. HOW DO I GET RECOGNIZED TO ADDRESS AN ISSUE OR PRESENT A QUESTION OR MOTION DURING THE DIRETOR MEETING- If you wish to address an issue or make a motion from the floor, stand behind one of the microphones located in the aisles. When the President recognizes you, be sure to announce your name and Local Board before addressing an issue or reading a motion.  A written copy of your motion must be presented to the recording secretary so it may be incorporated into the minutes.
  11. I AM A LITTLE “RUSTY” ON MY PARLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE- Information can be found in “Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised”. Robert’s Rules of Order, last edition, is the authority governing all meetings.  A parliamentarian is on hand, but you should be familiar with parliamentary procedures in order to help expedite the business of the meeting.
  12. WHO SHOULD I CONTACT AT CAR IF I HAVE A CONCERN OR QUESTION ABOUT AN ISSUE OR A MEETING- Refer to your Leadership Directory or the staff roster on the website for the specific staff and departments, or call CEO, Don Flynn.
  13. DO I HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO SERVE ON A CAR COMMITTEE- Accomplishment of the mission and objectives of the Colorado Association of REALTORSâ starts at the committee level. You are encouraged to serve on at least one committee.
  14. IF I AM A DIRECTOR, WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT THAT I SERVE ON A COMMITTEE- Through committee service you share expertise and gain knowledge which improves your decision making capabilities at the Board of Directors meetings. It also provides leadership opportunities which will help to evaluate future roles within the Association.
  15. HOW DO DIRECTORS GET APPOINTED TO A COMMITTEE – A committee request form is available on the CAR website. You should indicate your first, second and third choices for a committee assignment, as well as your experience.  Every Director is strongly encouraged to serve as a member of at least one CAR committee.  Attendance at Forums if open to all members so it is not necessary to sign up.  The majority of Colorado Association of REALTORSâ committee meetings are open and you are welcome to attend the committee meetings that interest you.